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Technical Design Consulting

Port Detailed Project Report

i-maritime provides consulting in shipyard layout design and port layout design. Our team provides expert consultation on processes of technical design, building, repair, and modernization of projects on ports, terminal, ships, and vessels of various designations. We serve clients on determination of project appearance, development of technical assignment for the project, determination of base performance elements, analysis of technical-economical feasibility and others.

i-maritime provides expert advice in all areas of shipping, from new building supervision to independent surveys and reports. We have prepared advisory project reports on shipyard layout design and port layout design for port and shipyard developer.

We have combined business consulting with technical consulting to prepare Detailed. TEFS provides a complete study of market, technical, operational and financial aspect of the project and helps the client in appropriate decision-making. i-maritime undertakes site selection and investigation for various projects. This is done through complete location analysis and study of various alternatives with respect to geographical, geological, hydrological and environmental conditions. We also provide services related to Technical Due Diligence by analyzing the technical fitness of ships, ports, civil infra   structure and plant & machinery to evaluate operating parameters.


  • Techno Feasibility Study of Green field Port Layout Design
  • Techno Feasibility Study of Shipyard layout design
  • Shipyard layout design on west coast of India
  • Inputs on port layout design at Navlakhi
  • Technical study involving Coal terminal and Port layout design at Dhopave
  • Technical input for bid preparation