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India holds 17th rank among the world maritime nations in terms of GRT and 15th position in terms of DWT. The total Indian fleet, which was hovering around 7.0 million GT for a long time... more

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Shipping Consultants in India

Leading Shipping Consultant in India

Shipping is a global industry and its prospects are associated with the level of global economic and industrial activity. However, the shipping market is known to be cyclical in nature with volatile freight rates.

As shipping consultants in India, i-maritime has been at the forefront in providing business-consulting solutions to the shipping companies looking for diversification and business expansion and opportunities for shipping investment
Shipping industry in India is at its all time high, owing to substantial rise in shipping freight rate at a global level. Our shipping consultants have carried out market studies in different shipping segments like container shipping, Ro-Ro, tanker shipping, dry/bulk shipping, LNG shipping, offshore etc. i-maritime has also assisted individual companies in syndicating funds for shipping investment from financial Institutions & commercial banks.

i-maritime’s Shipping Consultants have been carrying out focused research in the sector by coming out with several publications such as Indian Shipping Industry Report, Shipping Investment Report, Equity Research Report, Crude Tanker Report etc.

Benefits with i-maritime’s shipping consultants

  • Extensive domain knowledge, to understand shipping industry concerns and suggest optimal shipping business consulting solutions.
  • Enable flexibility in choosing alternative business/choice models.
  • Customized market and business research solutions to meet client's specific requirements
  • Advantage of access to various shipping industry professionals, experts and cross industry expertise through our shipping consultants network.

Segments Our Shipping Consultants work on:

  • Tanker shipping
  • Container shipping
  • Dry/bulk Shipping
  • Offshore Shipping
  • Shipping investment and finance
  • Ro-Ro vessels
  • Coastal shipping

Practice Area our Shipping consultants work on

  • Ship Valuation
  • Ship buying and selling
  • Shipping Disinvestment
  • Shipping Market entry strategy
  • Market analysis for Shipping investment
  • Joint venture and positioning