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Equity Research

We research, identify and isolate patterns and price or value movement of stocks from shipping and related logistics companies. The purpose of equity research is to identify money-making opportunities for the clients without exposing them to undue risk. Our research extends into every corner of the clients business, supplying invaluable analysis, information, and advice for the clients. This research has been further backed up by the consulting division which provides enormous markets insights and business intelligence.

Our clients for this service have been usually investors and banks. We have also helped our clients in their IPO launches. We have been regularly publishing public Equity Investment Reports in Shipping.

Examples of Equity Research:
  • Company analysis
  • Valuation
  • Disinvestment report of SCI
  • Private Equity in Ports and Shipping
  • Impact of Budget on Shipping industries
  • Impact of maritime policy on Indian ports
  • Investment requirement from National Maritime Development Programme.