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Maritime Industry
Analysis & Research

As a part of the ongoing maritime industry analysis, research and consulting assignments undertaken at i-maritime, we generate several research reports, which can be freely downloaded. This section houses maritime industry analysis and research reports, publications and papers.

Comprehensive list of Maritime Industry Analysis and Research documents:

The India Maritime Report is a comprehensive coverage of the maritime sector, highlighting significant opportunities for the business going forward. Like i-maritime's previous reports, India Maritime Report is a pioneering report as it is the first comprehensive report to cover all the four key maritime verticals:Shipping, Shipyards, Ports and Container Logistics. A notable aspect of the India Maritime Report is the profile listing of most major maritime industry players in each of these maritime verticals. The report is a must-have for all the industry players in the maritime sector as well as Government and regulatory agencies, potential investors in the sector and bankers as an important aid in decision making. The report will also serve players across the world working on entry and expansion strategies in the Indian maritime sector. Extremely informative, India Maritime Report, showcases the unrivaled repository of data, information and knowledge that i-maritime Consultancy has acquired and developed over a period of a decade and a half.

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International Competitiveness of Indian Maritime Sector
“Indian maritime industry needs to become internationally competitive and for this it need to act NOW!” This report contains analyses of the factors affecting the competitiveness of the maritime industry such as trade volumes, use of information technology, profitability, financial markets etc. It also compares with the existing global scenario and suggestions on how to bring the Indian maritime sector to the global standards.

Presentation at the Millennium Symposium . Organised by The Institute of Marine Engineers, at Chennai in July, 2001

By U.R.P. Sudhakar Presented at the National Seminar on Port Development, organised by The Institution of Engineers (India), Maharashtra Branch, at Mumbai in September 2004

India Port Report
i-maritime has prepared a comprehensive report on the Indian port sector, extensively covering the activities of all major and minor ports in the country. India Port Report provides a comprehensive review of the developments in the Indian port sector over the last ten years of port reforms and the challenges faced by port reformers and investors. The report seeks to develop a macro-level understanding and awareness of functional and structural issuses in the port sector, catering to wide cross-section of professionals - port regulators and professionals, port developers, port operators, banks and financial institutions and other support service providers interested in the port sector. The report seeks to indentify common issuses in development of the port sector and bridges the existing gap between demand for well-researched and structured information resource and unavailability and lack of such study in the port sector.

Shipping Sector Investment Report 2004
“i-maritime had in its equity research report dated September 2000 predicted a boom time for shipping industry in the coming years and today this prediction stands vindicated. i-maritime continues to be bullish on this sector though it does not rule out minor aberrations in the upward march.”This report offers critical analyses of the shipping sector in India today.

Tanker Report
The Indian Finance Minister introduced long-awaited tonnage tax regime on 8 July 2004, as part of Finance Bill (No. 2) 2004. Once Parliament and the President give assent to the Finance Bill, the regime will come into force with effect from 1 April 2004.
In this report, we attempt to cover all the important issues and developments that govern the crude tanker market and evaluate the business opportunity that exists for a prospective participant in the Indian Shipping Industry.

Union Budget 2002-03:Impact on the Indian Maritime Sector
The Union Budget has largely failed to meet the expectations, much less directly address some of the key issues affecting the maritime sector. It has however, raised the limits of 33AC reserves, which virtually frees the shipping industry from taxation in as much as its profits are ploughed back into ship acquisition.

Shipping Corporation of India:Privatization & After
Whether or not a war breaks out between India and Pakistan, there is one casualty that the government will be hard put to deny - the SCI privatisation. In the run up to the final submission of bids, following the due deligence process, new uncertainites have emerged, both from the point of view of potential bidders as also from the government.

Maritime Regulatory Reforms:Can it Spur Growth & Modernization?
The recent debate on the need for comprehensive regulatory reform in the Indian maritime sector needs to be viewed against the urgent measures needed to spur its growth and modernization to keep pace with the developments elsewhere in the world. Indeed, while the regulatory reform process is bound to be long and winding, it makes a lot more sense to peg the reform process to more concrete objectives of achieving specific milestones in the growth and modernization process. This is perhaps also essential because at the current stage of development of the maritime industry, it is best left to its own possibilities of growth and development.

Trends in India's Agricultural Trade
"whoever commands the sea commands the trade and whoever commands the trade commands the riches of the world "

Merchant Navy - The fourth arm of defense?
Are we compromising on national security by divesting control of nearly 50% of Indian tonnage to multinational shipowners?

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited
Investment Research report for the company

Indian Shipping Industry Report
Report on Indian Shipping Industry for year 2000

A Survey of Maritime Education in India
Reveiw of maritime education in India, with historical perspective and focus on developing countries.