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Maritime Industry
Analysis & Research

As a part of the ongoing maritime industry analysis, research and consulting assignments undertaken at i-maritime, we generate several research reports, which can be freely downloaded. This section houses maritime industry analysis and research reports, publications and papers.

Comprehensive list of Maritime Industry Analysis and Research documents:

The India Maritime Report is a comprehensive coverage of the maritime sector, highlighting significant opportunities for the business going forward. Like i-maritime's previous reports, India Maritime Report is a pioneering report as it is the first comprehensive report to cover all the four key maritime verticals:Shipping, Shipyards, Ports and Container Logistics. A notable aspect of the India Maritime Report is the profile listing of most major maritime industry players in each of these maritime verticals. The report is a must-have for all the industry players in the maritime sector as well as Government and regulatory agencies, potential investors in the sector and bankers as an important aid in decision making. The report will also serve players across the world working on entry and expansion strategies in the Indian maritime sector. Extremely informative, India Maritime Report, showcases the unrivaled repository of data, information and knowledge that i-maritime Consultancy has acquired and developed over a period of a decade and a half.