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Knowledge Centre

Maritime Knowledge Centre

Data simply exists and has no significance beyond its existence. However it also takes a fair understanding to search for the correct and relevant data. Information is data that has been given meaning by way of relational connection. Knowledge is the appropriate collection of information, such that it's intent is to be useful. This is where i-maritime serves the industry. It takes enormous physical and mental challenge while collecting raw data. This could be data coming from a number of data sources like Ports, ICD/CFS, exporters and importers. Analyzing data and converting this information into knowledge is where i-maritime knowledge centre works. i-maritime provides vast repository of maritime information and database.

i-maritime consulting division converts this knowledge into understanding and wisdom for its clients. With its extensive interpolative and probabilistic analysis, existing knowledge is synthesized into new knowledge. We use best management principles like Game theory to convert this understanding through an extrapolative and non-deterministic process into wisdom.