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Multi Logistics Park in Ahmedabad

" Financial Appraisal for Setting up a Multi Modal Logistics Park in Ahmedabad Region of Gujarat. "

Client: Client is India�s largest container logistics service provider. Challenge: To size the market based on containerizable and non-containerizable cargo and suggest the strategy to expand and plan the facility based on growing numbers. The challenge was to estimate the domestic non-container cargo flowing in/out from the region and suggest the strategy to capture a share of existing market. i-maritime Proposition: i-maritime defined the project encachment area around the proposed facility and analyzed the cargo pattern in the area by collecting data from various sources and a 24-7 road survey at various locations with help of structured questionnaire. The cargo was divided into containerizable and non-containerizable cargo and domestic and EXIM market was studied separately. The commodities were also grouped together based on logistics requirement and commodity type. The data collected from various sources was supported by extensive primary survey of various stakeholders in the supply chain. Based on market need and financial return analysis, the client was suggested to expand the facility for EXIM cargo. Also a list of activities was suggested so as to attract the domestic cargo. i-maritime also suggested broad layout and capex, required to establish the facility which is envisaged to satisfy market needs. A change in regulatory status was also suggested for the proposed facility to take advantage of fiscal benefits and dovetailing these advantages with the benefits to the customers.