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Traffic assessment for a minor port in Andhra Pradesh

" India’s growing seaborne trade has demanded further investments in port infrastructure. Many port projects in India have been promoted with a “Twin port” concept. JNPT and Mumbai port, Haldia and Kolkata ports, Ennore and Chennai ports, Mundra and Kandla are few examples of twin port concept. In such cases, new port while catering to same hinterland has port infrastructure and logistics facilities better than existing port. Client planed to establish a superior port capacity in neighborhood of a major port in Andhra Pradesh. "

Client is a Port Company promoted by few entrepreneurs, port operator from Middle East Asia and consortium of 13 banks.

Success of a twin port lies in its competitiveness, in comparison to the existing port, in terms of efficiency, port infrastructure and services, connectivity and other services to the customers in the shared hinterland. Benefits from economies of scale are transferred to the customer. With this understanding, various commodity flow patterns had to be studied to arrive at forecast of port traffic.

Modus Operandi
Study of hinterland along with origin-destination analysis forms significant part of port traffic studies. However here it is important to understand impact of economies of scale on entire logistics. For example in case of thermal coal, it is important to understand the customers of thermal coal, the average parcel size, ship sizes and frequency of calls and port loading and unloading rates. Competitiveness of the proposed port is thus established on calculation of total logistics cost which the port can offer to the customer. The proposed port facility was established to offer benefit of US$4-5 per ton.

i-maritime Proposition
i-maritime established competitiveness of the port for range of commodities including coal, coke and iron ore. Cargo traffic forecast was build based on growth of cargo in the hinterland and competitiveness of port to shift cargo. Based on the analysis, i-maritime also suggested technical port planning and tariff guidelines for maintaining preponderance of the port.

Success Story
i-maritime traffic study played an important role in financial closure of the project and syndication of funds from consortium of banks.

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