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Port induced road traffic on key sections of road

" Mumbai-Ahmedabad section of National Highway 8 is one of the busiest roads in India. Client had planned to bid for development of three sections of roads along this stretch under NHDP. Significant percentage of India’s seaborne trade moves along these sections between Mumbai ports and Northern cargo centers. Hence for client, it was important to understand the trends of cargo movement and prospects of growth in future. "

Client is major company in road infrastructure and also has investments in marine infrastructure. Client has built important sections of roads under National Highway Development Plan (NHDP).

This desktop study was preliminarily to be based on secondary data of port traffic and origin-destination analysis. It required understanding the trends and flows of different commodities like container, liquid and dry bulk, using different modes of transportation and has to be translated into road traffic on the desired road sections.

Modus Operandi
Envisaging a model which converts port traffic to road traffic on the road sections under consideration required deep understanding of the flow of material. For example, export containers coming from Delhi to Mumbai ports are either stuffed in the factory, or ICD Delhi or CFS in Mumbai. This decides whether the goods would move in container or normal trucks. Similarly not all containers move by road; significant proportion of containers move on rails between Delhi and Mumbai. Repositioning of the empty container had to be factored in. This methodology was followed for all port induced commodities. It required expert like i-maritime to establish future relation between port traffic and road traffic. This required to account for various external conditions like freight corridor in Delhi-Mumbai, increased road capacity, developments of new ports and resulting redistribution.

i-maritime Proposition
The present port induced road traffic established from the desktop study revealed to be quite close to the actual traffic measured from the on-road traffic survey by the client, which provided strong confidence in the model. i-maritime projected about 10-11% annual growth in this port induced road traffic, which was used by the client in their financial model for the bid.

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